Amnitrans eye banks

Amnitrans EyeBank Rotterdam (AER) is a non-profit tissue bank that provides customized tissue products for domestic and international corneal surgeons. AER’s focus is on the surgical predissection of donated human corneal tissue for use in lamellar surgical procedures.
Starting the surgical predissection in 2003 we were the first tissue bank in the world to offer this service. Amnitrans Eyebank International (AEI), the internationally oriented sister-eye bank, was founded in 2015 to supply the still growing international demand for ready-to-use-pre-dissected corneal tissue. AER and AEI have the same experienced staff and use the same techniques.

What's happening

Amniotic Membrane Tissue

The human amniotic membrane is a collagen-based extracellular matrix derived from the human placenta, used for ophthalmic purposes.

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Corneal Tissue Products

Amnitrans EyeBank Rotterdam provides donor tissue for corneal surgeons. We dissect the tissue tailor-made according to your preferences.

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Tissue Orders and Services

You can order donor tissue from our eye bank by filling out the Donor Tissue Request Form, preferably >2 weeks before surgery.

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Quality Control

Amnitrans EyeBank Rotterdam is ISO 9001 certified and a member of the European Eye Bank Association (EEBA).

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Preparation Techniques

Under the flag of NIIOS, AER has developed several preparation techniques for different lamellar corneal transplantation procedures.

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The tissue donation chain involves many different organizations that collaborate to improve the lives of patients.

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Sustainable eye care, also for some privileged underprivileged

AER supports the work of a number of corneal surgeons who treat less privileged corneal patients in areas where help is not obvious, such as in Cameroon and Bolivia, by providing tissues free of charge. These patients can often be helped by transplanting the front part of the cornea. This part often remains unused after a DMEK preparation. Also corneas that do not fully meet the strict Dutch criteria can return sight to these patients. AER sends these tissues ready for transplantation to the surgeon, who takes the tissue himself/herself to the often-remote areas. Visit for example the site of Copenhagen Eye Foundation. Bring vision to those in need. (